Family, Rancho Park

The pets of this young couple were their extended family and they adored
them. Not wanting the birds to be visually too small I positioned them
as though they were in the tree but also almost as if they were a hat
on her head. The squirrel I placed at the front door where he would come
to visit daily, small enough that he can be discovered by the viewer. The
small dog of course is cradled like a baby in her arms. The large male
dog plays vigorously with the young man. The difference of his and her
relationships to the pets is played out visually. The orange ball in his
hand becomes an arc of color light and ends up in the jumping dog's mouth.
This playing with time within one image was common in the early history of
oil painting but isn't used much now. It adds a nice dynamic tension.

The green lawn I extended to become a color plane behind her, highlighting
the curls of her hair and also creating an air of dreamy fantasy. The flat-
ness of the green adds a graphic quality that reminds me of the Japanese
movie posters I grew up with.

The figures were built up with underpainting and glazes.