LA Portrait
As you view each individual, you can see clues of what they do and what they think:

1 Arnold Schwatzenegger had already posed for my 1985 proverb mural "Hawaiian
Folkways" so when I asked him one morning in the gym if he would be in "L.A Portrait"
he poked at my stomach and said "If you loose two inches", I lived on the same street
Abbot Kinney as World Gym so I was there every morning. Firming up was my goal so
the exchange was doable and agreed on.

When it came time to photograph Arnold he was off doing "True Lies". Arty Zeller, a
well known body builder photographer invited me to view his photo portraits of Arnold
working out. There was one photograph that was perfect for the "LA Portrait"
composition and I accepted Arty's offer to use it. I placed the image in the right corner as though Arnold was lifting up the whole painting. Arnold came twice to the studio to view the progress. I told him "no one is at your back". He requested the camera attached tohim, "I'm a film maker". This was years before Arnold ran for Governor of California and won. Arnold also suggested I put the Hollywood Sign in the background, I had planned to use the Venice neighborhood, but realized he was right. It was the same question and decision I had faced when I painted "Stars in Paradise" and placed Diamond Head in the background. An iconic image for immediate recognition of place.

Arnold's secretary sent me the logo of Special Olympics to put in as Arnold's Visual
Speech. Arnold and Maria have always, since I've known them, devoted real and
generous time to help children's causes. I decided to go more visual with Arnold's
speech depicting "Saving money for children" by showing a little child sitting on a
Mexican Bank with money going into it. I used a Mexican Bank and a Fijian child (Josiah Rayawa) to show the dedication to Human Rights and interest and love of different races that I know Arnold has.

Arty Zeller started to show up less and less at the Gym. One day he came to the
studio with a letter giving me permission to use his photo for the painting. I was not sure
why he initiated that legal exchange as his enthusiastic word from the friend he was had
been enough for me. Soon after I learned Arty died. That he had put this written
permission on his list of things to do before he passed on was very touching to me.

2 Joe Gold is a legend in the Body Building Industry. Joe started both Gold's Gym and
World Gym. Joe had taken Arnold Schwarzenegger in when he first came to the United
States and they have a lifelong close friendship. As Joe's occupation I placed a weight
in his head for Body Building. Joe loves to talk about American Indian Art. He has a
passion about it and collects Indian Artifacts. The Indian Eagle Feather was a natural
image for Joe's speech.

3 Leana Fong was the daughter of my friend and business partner in POG's Aileen
Fong. Leana and her sister would help at POG shows. As young people do, they would
release their extra energy zipping around on blade skates. I put the skates on her back
like wings to depict what she does. Leana has a sweet disposition and gave off Love
and Kindness vibes wherever she went. The sushi in the shape of hearts was
appropriate for her speech.

4 Dread Flimstone, the son of Rosana Norton is a Rastafarian Acid Jazz Recording
Artist also a Music Producer and D.J. He talks about Jesus.

5 Haskell Wexler is a fine Cinematographer and Director. The Light-meter represents
his work. Haskell is known as an out-spoken activist on Social Issues, counting as his
friends such luminary activist as Woodie Guthry. When you visit his home he has
Government Freedom of Information reports framed on his wall - almost every line
blackened out by the Government sensors before releasing them. I decided to go to the
opposite direction from the blackened out reports by having white light coming from
Haskell's mouth. The light representing the desire to speak the truth. I also gave the light a second purpose - having it illuminate the rose.

6 Marion Dauherty was Warner Brothers Casting Director. Clint Eastwood and Mel
Gibson were only two of the top Industry Artists who insisted on working with her.
I first met Marion when she was casting "Hawaii". I used Haskell Wexters Oscar to fashion an Oscar phone as her tool of casting. Marion loved to talk about her garden so I placed a rose and tomatoes from her garden as her speech. The Garden was what most people asked to have as their speech but Marion already had it, and I did not want to repeat images.

7 Mowava Pryor is an actress I met jogging on San Vincente Blvd. She and Beverly
Johnson would jog together. I thought Mowava was the cats meow and we became
good friends. As many actresses do Mowava had supported herself as a waitress when
she first came to Hollywood. Because I already had another actress in the painting, I
chose waitressing as her occupation attaching a flan (Mexican dessert) to her. Mowava
loved to talk about boxing and her American Roots. The American Flag boxing gloves
visualized her speech.

8 Gilbert "Magu" Lugan is a prominent chicano painter and sculpture and also
Community Arts Activist. He's one of the famous Chicano Arts Group "Los Four". Gilbert is helpful to many young starting artists. The brush is the tool. Magu loves to talk about "RASQUACHISMO" which is Art for the people. I took one of his car drawings and put it onto a Mexican tourist rattle to represent this.

9 The baby and the man holding him were two of the few people in "LA Portrait" that I
didn't know. Introduced to them briefly in a Chinese Restaurant I asked for permission
and took a snap shot. Having been a single parent I love images of manly men being
tender with babies. Here the baby has Gerber food as it's job - babies need to grow. As
it's speech the baby has mama's breasts "Mama Mama" - much sweeter than

10 The father I made a construction worker with the hammer as his tool. As his speech I have the baby in front of his mouth.

11 Stephen Burum is an army buddy and one of the most skilled and respected
cinematographer's in Hollywood. If "LA Portrait" is heavy on cinematography, so is my
life. My mother and father were introduced to each other byTisse and Serge Eisenstein.
For Stephen I have film running through his head. When we talk it is often about Film
History. The elephant from Griffith's "Intolerance" represents film history.

12 Lory Lyn Lively is the daughter of my acting coach Earny Lively, she is an actress
and model. I thought she was very brave to pose for me with her hair rollers in her hair,
as the tools of her trade. In a town so image conscious many models would not. Lory
Lyn likes to talk about film acting as most of her work is in television. The film from
Steve Burum's head passes in front of Lory's mouth as her speech.

13 Bruce Glover is Mr. Intensity. A well-known screen actor we met when I introduced
myself to him in a theater mens room. A story he often tells for it's humor value. Bruce
"only someone as innocent as Martin would do that" The SAG logo shows his occupation.
Bruce likes to talk about manly stuff like beautiful women, guns, etc. A macho guy I figured I would put a bull-fighter as his speech to illustrate this attitude.
Bruce did not like the bull-fighter image but agreed to let me keep it if I took him to lunch.
Bruce rejected the restaurant I took him to and chose a sushi place instead. The bill
exceeded my expectations so I left Bruce to drive back to the bank for more cash.
Returning to the restaurant I arrived in time to hear Bruce entertaining the sushi chefs by telling" them how I introduced myself to him in the theater men's room

14 Michael Nolin is the producer of such films as "Mr Holands Opus". When Michael and his daughter Rachel posed for "LA Portrait" he was producing Nicolous Rough's Film "Full Body Contact". The computer attached to Michael's head as his producing tool has Nicolous Rough on it's screen. Michael and I talk about relationships so I put wedding rings as his speech.

15 Rachel Nolin. Michael's daughter insisted I put the shoes in front of her as speech, "I love these shoes". I liked the idea of placing her cd player as her tool because I could
use it in a similar position as her dad's computer. Sort of like a father-like daughter
electronic family.

16 Bree Walker is a well known television and radio personality that Mowava introduced
me to. When I met her and shook her hand, I thought she had lost both hands in a fire
but learned from her it was a birth defect called "ectrodactylism". The L.A Times wrote of her "she is well-known for challenging the boundaries of her disability and the perception of tv viewers ". I took photos of radio equipment at KIIS AM 102.7. The violin is Eugene Fodor's Guanarious that I also used on his cd and in my science mural.

17 Nicolous Rough is a World class Film Director who I met through Michael Nolin. A
classy gracious guy. The film script attached to him as his tool. The script is one of mine so I made the dialogue readable. Mr. Rough often makes films of people learning to deal with life out of context. As his speech I put an ice crystal (beauty and clarity) with a flame of fire at it's cor - two opposite elements combined.

18 Robyn Lively. Lory Lyn's sister is a very successful actress in both film and television.
The raw materials for the actors work is emotions, this is represented by a transparent
heart. Robin often talked about wanting a home and family This is shown as a white
picket fence. By the time "L.A Portrait" was completed Robin was married and a mother.

19 Carlo Piaza, a friend of Daileen Youngs is a cook and resturantuer, at the time of the
portrait he owned the "Replay Cafe". Carlo's occupation visualized by a cork screw in his
head. The hot bread in front of him as his speech was a loaf Adi cooked and I took a
photo of before we ate it.

20 ____________A teacher and actress. As her occupation I concentrated on the teaching with ABC blocks. The apple represents the respect from her students and how she treasures that.

21 Ulrike Zillner is a dress designer. Ulrike's creations have been sold at Beverly Hills
shops such as "Sculpture to Wear" and she is displayed at the L.A Craft and Folk Art
Museum. The dress she is wearing is one of hers. The sewing needle is her tool. I
mentioned to Ulrike that I wanted to put a rattle snake in front of someone to represent
gossip. Ulrike enthusiastically said, "Give it to me...give it to me..." Ulrike likes the
dramatic. I was pleased she let me do it. When I go jogging in the country side I see
rattle snakes on a regular basis and consider them part of my California experience.

22 Bob Delegal was my work-out buddy at the Gym. Bob is a Television Director. The
Directors view finder his tool. The African musical instrument with the television screen
in-bedded in it is meant to show his interest in Black American subject matter for

23 Joe Rohde is a Top Executive at Disney's Imagineering. He headed the Design Tea
for Disney's Florida "Animal Kingdom". When the project was in limbo Joe walked into
Michael Eisners office with a large tiger to demonstrate the thrill of animal interaction.
The project went forward. Joe's dad Martin was a close friend and mentor of mine.
When I was a child Martin produced my film "Baby Dinosaur" for television. When Joe
was a child I would babysit him. Joe has a deep interest in exotic cultures. The walls of
his home are covered with masks from around the world.

24 Kellan Rohde. Joe and Melodi's son is a very sweet young man. Put a toy for his
interest and a crayon for his tool.

25 Dr. Raj Kanodia M.D, F.A.C.S. A very successful Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon. His delicate touch and surgical clamp are his tool. Dr Kanodia collects time pieces so I put that as his speech.

26 Rosanna Norton. A costume designer for motion pictures. A few of her many films
are Badlands, Carrie, Tron, Frankie and Johnny and the Flintstones. The tailor's tape as
her tool. Rosana keeps a very warm home, interspersed with the fascinating story's of
her work is a pride for her home. The Mexican toy dish set visualizes this. Rosana
also paints.

27 Christopher Lee is an executive at TriStar Motion Pictures. A very classy guy from
my home state of Hawaii. The TriStar logo represents his occupation. Christopher talks
a lot about the home he is building in Hawaii for his retirement. A little grass shack
represents this for his speech.

28 Daileen Young is another success story from Hawaii. A respected screenwriter
Daileen is very prolific and always employed. Among her many film credits are Cross
Creek, Little Darlings and Dead Mans Curve. The pen represents the tool of her
occupation. Daileen still writes everything out in long-hand. I used a fancier pen than
she actually uses. Daileen's second passion is acting. Her evenings are always taken up
with rehearsals or performances. I looked hard for a toy theater to use as her speech
but finally settled on "the Globe". Also put Shakespeare on Daileen's shirt - a fellow

29 Richard was a homeless neighbor when I lived in Venice. I would hire him to do small
jobs such as wash my car - thus the squeegee as his tool. His next meal, as
represented by the pizza slice, as his speech. In truth a more important subject he
spoke about was his daughter who he wanted to raise but needed a better employment
situation to do so. I advised him to return to his home state to be near her. One day he
was gone.

30 Steve Akahoshi was a friend from acting class. I did not use him as he really is, Steve acted for me, looking worried. I had another classmate, Gunner Jones, act like the black cloud devil of a man who is worried. Steve did have classy transportation. Here I give him a motorcycle as his occupation.

31 Adi Akisi Turaganikeli Charlot . I met Adi when I was conserving my fathers mural in Fiji. She was one of a Fijian Team I put together to complete the work on a tight
schedule. Returning back to Los Angeles I realized, even though we had only had a
working relationship that I had fallen in love with her. We wed soon after her arrival to L. A. . Adi posed for "LA portrait", her youthful enthusiasm and joy much in evidence. Posing as an angel, the wings are the tools of her trade. Adi has a voice like an angel and would wake up every morning singing prays songs. In L.A. she recorded a cd "Polynesian Spa", that has international distribution. The dove as the Holy Spirit is her voice. I shall miss her.